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Egyptian stick fencing

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Today, performed especially in Northern Egypt as a form of entertainment, the dance is called tahtib, or tahteeb. It is practiced during religious ceremonies, especially during Ramadan, marriage ceremonies, and as sport or game. Unlikely the ancient form of sick fighting, the dancers (men only) can use not only one, but two sticks. The stick that is made of rattan is about 4 feet/120cm long, and is called asa, assaya, or nabboot.

Egyptian stick fencing, known also under the name Egyptian stick fighting, dates back to ancient Egypt. Judging from the ancient depictions of striding men, it was probably a part of military training or selection for the military, or evolved from the combat system that used sword and shield.

Then, it was presumably a performing act dedicated to the pharaoh, where the two contestants would show speed, endurance and strength. They used head protection, but the rest of the body, except a wooden plank attached to the forearm, was unprotected, which indicates that the blows were delivered to the head area. The shield on forearm could have been also used in offensive purpose. The sticks may have been made of wood or bronze.

The Egyptian stick fighting is one of the oldest forms of martial art. It became popular in the Middle Eastern culture evolving of course into different forms, and applying different systems of rules.

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