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Hashishin / Hashshashin

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This style comprises the skills of the dreaded Hashishins -- the secretive Islamic cult that plagued the Middle East during the Middle Ages.
The word assassin comes from their nickname hashishin (hashish-eaters, which originates from the rumored custom the cultists had of using drugs before their killings.
The order was founded in the early 11th century in Persia, and was an offshoot of the Shiite Muslims. The sect was divided into several groups, including the Dais ("Initiated"), Refiks ("Students"), and Fedavis ("Devoted Ones"). The Fedavis were the actual assassins. The leader of the Hashishin was known as the Old Man of the Mountain. The Hashishin were supposedly destroyed several centuries ago, but the cult might have survived to this day.

The Order of Assassins preferred weapon was the knife, although strangulation and poisoning were also employed. A common tactic involved following the target at night until he reached a relatively deserted street. The Hashishin would move in, grab the victim and stab him to death. They were also known for sending their assassins to kill their targets in crowded public places. The Hashishin fully expected to be cut down in the ensuing chaos, believing that their place in Heaven was assured. The cold-bloodedness of such attacks struck terror into the hearts of both the common populace and political and religious leaders.

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